Why I like the Saints.

No, it really doesn’t have much to do with the fact that I went to school in New Orleans, though I must say that does play a teeny part.
I like Drew Brees. That’s the long and short of it. Here’s a man who had a hard time getting anyone to believe in him. They said he was too short – the man was only six foot tall. cough. (I mean, really?) They said he didn’t have the arm strength, his first season out, he bombed, but he didn’t give up. He dug in and fought for his dream. He was named Comback Player of the Year at one point.
When he wins, a part of me cheers for someone who had to prove his worth. As authors, we’re often only as good as our last book. We have to prove our worth over and over again. That’s part of our business. Yet somehow knowing that it doesn’t come easy even for the high profile icons makes them seem more human – and gives the rest of us the courage to keep trying, to always put our best out there, to take the knocks when they come and get right back up.
So that’s why I like football. The underdog often wins, and well, there are all those guys in tight pants….

2 thoughts on “Why I like the Saints.

  1. Very often I will root for the ‘underdog’. And, YES those tight pants ADD to the enjoyment of football, which is a sport that I don’t fully comprehend…………..

    • Another thing I love about football is that it’s a family affair here. A trough of popcorn and there’s yelling, cheering, and rooting for the team!!

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